A closer look at a medication regimen

Article written by Jackie Hunt Christensen.

A closer look at a medication regimen

Stress, cold and poor water quality. Clean water, degrees Fahrenheit. Never stop treatment early as this could increase a parasites immunity. If your betta fish lives in solitude you may opt to treat them in their existing tank. If they live in a community tank, have carbon filters, or sensitive plants, you should quarantine them for disease treatment in a separate hospital tank.

Betta Disease Pictures and Synopsis Some betta diseases can be treated easily, while others may have gloomier prognoses. Check your betta daily for anything abnormal. During feedings and tank cleanings is a great time to look for common symptoms of an ill betta. Under stressful habitat conditions e.

Visible, sometimes stringy cottony patches on the mouth, gills, or fins along the body will be present in Columnaris.

Accelerated symptoms may also include visible lesions and gill damage. Dropsy Pineconing Dropsy can be caused by numerous issues including viral disease, parasites, poor nutrition, and bacteria.

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These ailments include fluid build up and the swelling of failing organs liver and kidney. Dropsy is severe and visible from above. The bacteria that triggered internal issues is contagious and can harm other community tank members. Another symptom of dropsy is the tendency for betta fish to stay close to the surface to easily get oxygen.

Their appetite will also be virtually non-existent.

A closer look at a medication regimen

Fin Rot and Tail Rot Fin rot or tail rot melt is probably the most common betta fish disease. Upon inspection, the tail caudal or other fins will show visible signs of the disease.

These signs include red or black tattered, sometimes bloody, edges along the affected areas and can lead to body rot if not treated. Typical behavior and personality does not usually change unless the betta is suffering from other ailments too. And to answer your next question, yes their fins can grow back!

Over time these holes become increasingly larger lesions. These cavities are easily visible and tend to travel along the lateral line of the betta. If diagnosed early, it can be cured like most betta fish diseases, but in later stages, it becomes increasingly deadly.

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Certain behaviors are linked to a stressed or sick betta fish and not necessarily a full-blown disease yet. Identifying these behaviors (listed above) is the easiest way to tell if your betta fish is sick.

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