An argument in favor of saint augustines dilemma on love

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An argument in favor of saint augustines dilemma on love

The first[1] is a kind of journal, though it was not written up day by day, containing a narrative of his journey to France and his residence at Orleans and Poictiers, when he was sent abroad by his father at the age of nineteen to study law in foreign schools in preparation for the bar.

It also includes an account of his expenses during the whole period of his absence from Scotland. The second,[2] though a small volume, contains several distinct portions.

There are narratives of visits to London and Oxford on his way home from abroad, his journey returning to Scotland, and some short expeditions in Scotland in the immediately following years, observations on public affairs in 70, and a chronicle of events connected with the Court of Session from to ; also at the other end of the volume some accounts of expenses.

The third[3] may be described as a commonplace book, for the most part written during the first years of his practice at the bar and his early married life, but it also contains some notes of travel in Fife, the Lothians, and the Merse in continuation of those in Ms.

These manuscripts have been kindly made available to the Scottish History Society by the owners.

Augustine: Christ and the Soul

The first is in the Library of the University of Edinburgh. It was Lord Fountainhalls practice, during his whole life, to record in notebooks public events, and his observations upon them, legal decisions, and private memoranda.

He kept several series of notebooks concurrently with great diligence and method. In all of those which have been preserved there is An argument in favor of saint augustines dilemma on love or less matter of value to the student of history.

But at his death his library was sold by public auction.

Notation and Abbreviations

According to tradition the greater part of what has been recovered was found in a snuff-shop by Mr. Page 2 Eight volumes came into the possession of the Faculty of Advocates, and under their auspices two folio volumes of legal decisions from to were published in and These are after selections from the same MSS.

But from to about half of vol. In printing these volumes, which I believe are acknowledged to contain some of the best material for the history of Scotland at the time, the Bannatyne Club carried out a design which had been long cherished by the late Sir Thomas Dick Lauder,[7] though he did not live to see its complete fulfilment, and he was helped in his efforts by Sir Walter Scott.

Or, The Abbaye des Vignerons.

The story[8] is worth telling more fully than has yet been done. In the winter of Sir Thomas, then a young man, met Sir Walter at a dinner-party. Sir Walter replied as follows: Lauder to Sir W. Scott, 22nd Mayinfra. I think it likely I may have mentioned that a large chest belonging to the family of another great Scottish lawyer, Sir James Skene of Curriehill, was in our Library and had never been examined.

I am very glad to hear you are busying yourself with a task which will throw most important light upon the history of Scotland, and am, with regard, dear sir, your most obedt.

I hoped, too, that I might prevail on him, as some atonement for his sins, to lend a helping hand to bring forth the real work of Lord Fountainhall in a proper style. From this I am led to believe, that the circumstance of my having been engaged in the work since must have escaped your recollection, otherwise I think you would have informed me of your intention or inquired into mine.

In the winterI had the happiness of meeting you at the table of our mutual friend, Mr.

An argument in favor of saint augustines dilemma on love

Having also soon afterwards been pressed to perform Page 4 this duty by Mr. Napier, and several other literary friends, I was led to begin it, and Lord Meadowbank having presented my petition to the Dean and Faculty of Advocates, they were so liberal as to permit me to have the use of the MSS.

Emboldened by the remembrance of what passed in conversation with you at Mr. You did me the honor to write me an immediate reply, in which you stated that you knew of no other MSS.

Knowing that you were the best source from which true information on such subjects was to be drawn, and presuming upon your former kindness, I again addressed you, 23rd Maybegging to know whether I was right in my conjecture.

An argument in favor of saint augustines dilemma on love

I do not much wonder that, employed as you are in administering fresh draughts of enjoyment from the exhaustless spring of your genius to the ever-increasing thirst of a delighted public, you should have forgotten my humble labours.

But whilst I regret that they should have been so forgotten, inasmuch as they might have contributed to aid or lessen yours, I beg to assure you, that every other feeling is absorbed in that of the satisfaction I am now impressed with in learning that you have taken Lord Fountainhall under your fostering care, as I am well aware that, independent of the honor done him and his family by his name being coupled with that of Sir Walter Scott, there does not now, and perhaps there never will, exist any individual who could elucidate him so happily as your high Page 5 talents and your deep research in the historical anecdote of your country must enable you to do.

I am naturally very desirous to see your publication, of which I cannot procure a copy from the booksellers here. I should not otherwise have intruded on you until I had seen the book, as I am at present ignorant how far it clashes or agrees with the plan of the work I have prepared.

As business calls me to Edinburgh, I can now have no opportunity of perusing it before my departure, as I leave this on Tuesday the 28th instant I observe, however, with great gratification, from a quotation in the Magazine from your preface, that you hold out hopes of a farther publication, and I am consequently anxious to avail myself of being in Edinburgh to have the honor of an interview with you, that I may avoid any injudicious interference with your undertaking, and rather go hand in hand with you in promoting it.

As I shall be detained on the road, I shall not be in Edinburgh until the evening of Friday the 31st, and my present intention is to remain in town only Saturday and Sunday, unless unavoidable circumstances occur to prevent my leaving it on the Monday. If you could make it convenient to grant me an audience on either of the days I have mentioned, viz.

With the highest respect, and with very great regard, I have the honor to be, dear sir, very truly yours, THOS. I mentioned in the advertisement that you were engaged in writing the life of Lord Fountainhall, and therefore declined saying anything on the subject, and I must add that I always conceived it was his life you meant to publish and not his works.

I am very happy you entertain the latter intention, for a great deal of historical matter exists in the manuscript copy of the collection of decisions which has been omitted by the publishers, whose object was only to collect the law reports and who appear in the latter volume entirely to have disregarded all other information.Robert Aske PDF - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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To this we must reply that it is the conviction of men who are wise in Christ, who have profited by. Argument structure in flux [electronic resource]: the Naples-Capri papers The Lady as saint: a collection of French hagiographic romances of the thirteenth century Love after death: concepts of posthumous love in medieval and early modern Europe.

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