Cervical cancer research proposal

August 2, FDA has approved pembrolizumab Keytruda for some women with advanced cervical cancer and some patients with primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma PMBCLa rare type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. October 5, By comparing the genomes of women infected with a high-risk type of human papillomavirus HPVresearchers have found that a precise DNA sequence of a viral gene is associated with cervical cancer. TCGA study identifies genomic features of cervical cancer Posted:

Cervical cancer research proposal

Most of the cervical cancer cases are diagnosed late leading to poor outcomes. Very few studies have explored the role of doctor and source of information for awareness of women about cervical cancer in India.

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Hence, this study was conducted with the objective of knowing the knowledge of women about cervical cancer, its screening, role of doctor, source of information, and reasons for not undergoing screening if the women had not undergone testing for cervical cancer. This was a questionnaire based cross-sectional study conducted among the women attending the outpatient departments of teaching hospitals attached to Kasturba Medical College.

A sample size of 83 was calculated. A semi-structured questionnaire was Cervical cancer research proposal. After obtaining permission from Institutional Ethics Committee, the questionnaire was administered to the women in the language of their preference.

Women were educated after the data collection and a hand-out was provided. Majority of the women have poor knowledge about cervical cancer Only 6 out of 83 women had undergone screening. Though women had come into contact with doctors earlier, they were neither educated about cervical cancer nor were they told about the screening.

Whatever little knowledge the women had was obtained from mass media.

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Majority of women had poor knowledge. Mass media could be used to educate the women. There is a need to conduct community based study to know the practices of doctors and assess if they are educating and offering suggestions for screening.

Cervical cancer, Knowledge, Screening Introduction Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. In India, it is one the leading causes of mortality among women accounting for Screening would be broadly influenced by: Knowledge about cervical cancer, its screening among women Role of health care providers who come in contact with women in hospitals and the sources of information Facilities available and the awareness of facilities.

Recently, studies have been reported from India on awareness of cervical cancer and its screening among women. Hence, this study was undertaken with the following objectives: To know the knowledge about cervical cancer among women attending OPDs of hospitals attached to Kasturba Medical College KMC Mangalore To know about the awareness of cervical cancer screening among these women and the facilities available for it To explore the sources of information and the role of health care providers who come in contact with women in hospitals.

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It was planned that after the data collection, the women would be educated about cervical cancer, its screening methods and the facilities available for screening in the hospitals. A hand-out was also provided to these women in the local language of their preference.

It is a tertiary care center which receives patients from not only Mangalore city, but also from other parts of Karnataka state and neighboring state of Kerala in South India. Study design This is a questionnaire based cross-sectional study. Study time The study was conducted in the months of May and June of The inclusion criteria were: Women who are between 30 and 59 years of age according to the guidelines [ 2 ] Women who have given consent for participation in the study.

The exclusion criteria were: Women who were below 30 or above 59 years of age Women who did not give consent for participation in the study.

Sequential inclusion of the women who met the study criteria. Study instrument A questionnaire was devised collecting following components of information from the subjects: Basic sociodemographic profile like age, occupation income, etc.

Irregular menstrual bleeding, bleeding after sexual activity, weight loss, difficulty in passing urine, blood stained discharge from vagina Risk factors for cervical cancer multiple response questions: Early start of sexual activity, multiple sexual partners, multiparity and infection with virus.

Each response was given 1 mark. So, the maximum was nine and minimum was zero. The knowledge was graded as: About screening for cervical cancer: Correct response for question 1, 2, 4, and each response for 3 carried 1 mark.

So, the maximum was 9 and minimum was 0. Instrument development The questionnaire was first scrutinized by a group of experts from Department of Community Medicine and Obstetrics. The questions were scored to help in grading the knowledge.

This questionnaire was examined for a second time and modified by a group of experts.Research Proposal Topic Cervical cancer and screening; knowledge and attitude of St.

Dominic Hospital Staff in the Eastern egion of Ghana. introduction background Cervical cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among women in Ghana and knowledge about its cause. Cervical Cancer Research Proposal Free Essays Sherri has 10 years of experience as a behavioral health educator and 22 years as a classroom teacher.

Her skills as a grant writer, parent and teacher education trainer, volunteer, and curriculum author have helped the BAG IT program achieve its success.

Saslow. et. cancer of the cervix uteri is the second most common cancer (after breast cancer) and the third leading cancer mortality (after lung and breast cancer). years. Review of Related Literature Cervical Cancer Among women worldwide.

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Cervical cancer research proposal

Find research articles on cervical cancer, which may include news stories, clinical trials, blog posts, and descriptions of active studies.

About the Annual Plan & Budget Proposal. NCI Congressional Justification. NCI Budget Fact Book. including seven types that cause cervical and other cancers—five of which were not covered by the. Research Proposal on Cancer January 4, writer Research Proposals 0 Cancer is not a disease of a certain organ but is a system of diseases, which can influence any part of the human organism and develop there.

In the past few decades, the epidemiology of cervical cancer has undergone some important changes. In the United States, it is currently the third most common gynecologic cancer following those of the uterine corpus and ovary, with 12, new cases and deaths estimated to have occurred in 1 While the incidence of cervical cancer has been steadily decreasing in the United States.

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