Commonapp essay

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Commonapp essay

Common Applications must be submitted online by January 1. Notification by April 1. Japan notification by March 1. Read instructions on how to properly apply for the scholarship here. Apply for the Freeman Asian Scholars Program by submitting the addendum here.

After generously sponsoring the program for 20 years, Wesleyan continues to honor the legacy Commonapp essay the Freeman Foundation through this scholarship which aims to improve understanding and strengthen ties between the United States and the countries and regions of the Pacific Rim.

A number of early Wesleyan graduates were influential educators and ministers in Asian countries, and the present-day Wesleyan has formal ties to several prominent universities in Asia. Learn more about the current Freeman student community on campus, here.

The Freeman Foundation, creator of the Wesleyan Freeman Asian Scholarship Program, was established in through the bequest of Mansfield Freeman, a businessman, benefactor, scholar and longtime resident in Asia who was a member of the Wesleyan University Class of Freeman was an insurance executive and one of the original founders of the American International Group, Inc.

Most affiliates in Asia are part of Chartis Insurance.

Commonapp essay

The New York-based Freeman Foundation, which established the Wesleyan Freeman Asian Scholarship Program in memory of Mansfield Freeman, is administered primarily by the Freeman family; its charitable efforts are directed mainly toward bettering relationships and understanding between the United States and the countries of East Asia.

What is the Freeman Scholarship? The family Commonapp essay is comprised of a parent contribution based on the parent s income and assets, as well as a student contribution.

Apply Am I eligible? Preference will be given to those currently living in one of these eleven countries or regions and to those who would otherwise be unable to study in the United States. Individuals with dual U. Students who must fulfill a military service requirement may apply in their final year of school but waiting until the year in which one can enroll is preferable.

We cannot consider students from Malaysia on the basis of forecast SPM results; students there should be enrolled in the second year of the STPM at the time of application. Students already enrolled in university are not eligible for a Wesleyan Freeman Asian Scholarship.

In South Korea, a student may accept a place in a Korean university in February of the entering year, pending our scholarship decision. What are the selection criteria?

Admission to Wesleyan and the selection process for Wesleyan Freeman Asian Scholars is extremely competitive. We plan to award the scholarship to one student from each of the eleven countries or regions.

Commonapp essay

Selection criteria include academic achievement; intellectual curiosity; a high level of discipline and commitment; strong personal qualities; extracurricular involvement, especially community service; and English language ability. It is our preference to enroll students currently studying and residing in their home countries, but students who are temporarily living elsewhere may apply.

Freeman Asian Scholars are expected to return to the Asian region upon completion of their degrees. We understand that some students may wish to continue their education with graduate studies in the United States, which would be at their own expense.

Successful applicants will be notified by April 1, except in Japan, where they will be notified by March 1.

Alternates also will be chosen in the event that any of those initially selected decide not to accept the offer. Wesleyan will provide the necessary forms for obtaining an F-1 student visa to the United States.

Given the limited availability of alumni interviews outside of the U. You will be able to share the interview with multiple colleges of your choice. The conversation will be recorded and sent to the Wesleyan Office of Admission for review.

InitialView does not rate or grade the interview. The deadline for completing the interview is the application submission deadline date for ED1, ED2, and Regular decision rounds. Please note that the Initialview interview is not Wesleyan-specific and the interviewer will not be able to answer Wesleyan-specific questions.

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An admission interview campus, Skype, alumni or InitialView interview will be evaluated with your application materials. It is entirely separate from the Freeman finalist interviews that are conducted in February in home countries. What testing requirements are there for the Freeman Application?

Students scores should demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the English language in order to function well in a highly demanding academic environment.

These examinations must be taken by January 1 in order to be submitted as part of your application. All examinations are administered on several dates, with a registration deadline approximately six weeks before the exam.

Please be sure to list Wesleyan University undergraduate as an official score recipient.The application deadline for Regular Admission is January 1. Bates uses the Common Bates member page that requires an essay and a mid-year report.

We are pleased to share the Common Application essay prompts with you. The changes you see below reflect the feedback of Common App member colleges and more than 5, other Common App constituents, as well as consultation with our advisory committees and Board of Directors.

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