Communication studies i a sample

Equity has also been justified in cases where common law judges refused, for whatever reason, to grant relief to a complainant. In such cases, the complainant would seek relief in another place.

Communication studies i a sample

Information about the relationship and affect of these two skaters is communicated by their body postureeye gaze and physical contact.

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Eye contact is the instance when two people look at each other's eyes at the same time; it is the primary nonverbal way of indicating engagement, interest, attention and involvement. Some studies have demonstrated that people use their eyes to indicate interest. This includes frequently recognized actions of winking and movements of the eyebrows.

When an individual is interested, however, the pupils will dilate. According to Eckman, "Eye contact also called mutual gaze is another major channel of nonverbal communication.

The duration of eye contact is its most meaningful aspect. The length of a gaze, Communication studies i a sample frequency of glances, patterns of fixation, pupil dilationand blink rate are all important cues in nonverbal communication. Hogan states "when someone is being deceptive their eyes tend to blink a lot more.

Eyes act as leading indicator of truth or deception," [4] Both nonverbal and verbal cues are useful when detecting deception. It is typical for people who are detecting lies to rely consistently on verbal cues but this can hinder how well they detect deception. Those who are lying and those who are telling the truth possess different forms of nonverbal and verbal cues and this is important to keep in mind.

In addition, it is important to note that understanding the cultural background of a person will influence how easily deception is detectable because nonverbal cues may differ depending on the culture.

In addition to eye contact these nonverbal cues can consist of physiological aspects including pulse rate as well as levels of perspiration.

Eye aversion is the avoidance of eye contact. Eye contact and facial expressions provide important social and emotional information.

Overall, as Pease states, "Give the amount of eye contact that makes everyone feel comfortable.

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Unless looking at others is a cultural no-no, lookers gain more credibility than non-lookers" [6] In concealing deceptionnonverbal communication makes it easier to lie without being revealed. This is the conclusion of a study where people watched made-up interviews of persons accused of having stolen a wallet.

People had access to either written transcript of the interviews, or audio tape recordings, or video recordings.

The more clues that were available to those watching, the larger was the trend that interviewees who actually lied were judged to be truthful. That is, people that are clever at lying can use tone of voice and facial expressions to give the impression that they are truthful.

In an attempt to be more convincing, liars deliberately made more eye contact with interviewers than those that were telling the truth. Vrij, [33]although a recent study also demonstrated bodily movement differences between truth-tellers and liars using an automated body motion capture system.

However the meanings in nonverbal communication are conveyed through the use of gesture, posture changes, and timing. These differences can often lead to miscommunication between people of different cultures, who usually do not mean to offend.

Differences can be based in preferences for mode of communication, like the Chinese, who prefer silence over verbal communication. Chronemics, how people handle time, can be categorized in two ways: Gestures[ edit ] Gestures vary widely across cultures in how they are used and what they mean.

A common example is pointing. In the United States, pointing is the gesture of a finger or hand to indicate or "come here please" when beckoning a dog.

But pointing with one finger is also considered to be rude by some cultures. Those from Asian cultures typically use their entire hand to point to something. In Western countries, it can be seen as mockery, but in Polynesia it serves as a greeting and a sign of reverence. Differences in nodding and shaking the head to indicate agreement and disagreement also exist.

Northern Europeans nodding their heads up and down to say "yes", and shaking their head from side to side to say "no". But the Greeks have for at least three thousand years used the upward nod for disagreement and the downward nod for agreement.

Americans face the palm outward and move the hand side to side, Italians face the palm inward and move the fingers facing the other person, French and Germans face the hand horizontal and move the fingers toward the person leaving.

Communication studies i a sample

Just as gestures and other hand movements vary across cultures, so does the way people display their emotions. For example, "In many cultures, such as the Arab and Iranian cultures, people express grief openly.

They mourn out loud, while in Asian cultures, the general belief is that it is unacceptable to show emotion openly. Nonverbal actions should match and harmonize with the message being portrayed, otherwise confusion will occur.

The author states that nonverbal communication is very important to be aware of, especially if comparing gestures, gaze, and tone of voice amongst different cultures. As Latin American cultures embrace big speech gestures, Middle Eastern cultures are relatively more modest in public and are not expressive.Communication studies or communication sciences is an academic discipline that deals with processes of human communication.

There are three types of communication: verbal, involving listening to a person to understand the meaning of a message; written, in which a message is read;.

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Communication Studies | Essay Example