Feng shui fire element business plan

Business 5 elements Business Feng Shui In business feng shui, the brand, logo and colour scheme do have an impact on the success of a business other than the birth profile of the owner and the destiny of the office. The colours and shapes are expressions of the feng shui five elements which are water, wood, fire, earth and metal. The chinese classical art and science of feng shui has numerous applications in business — all focused on creating a better quality energy to order to improve revenue and profitability of a Company.

Feng shui fire element business plan

Do have a very good look at it. Alright, from the image, you can see that the South-East SE corner of your home — and in fact of all the rooms in your home — is the wealth corner. Ok, so the next question popping in your mind would be how you can make the SE and North of your home and rooms strong by applying feng shui for wealth?

Place everything that symbolizes wealth, money, abundance and prosperity in SE living room. Anything related to water here is of tremendous benefit.

You can place fish aquarium in SE with dragon fish or arowana. More about fish aquarium feng shui Feng Shui Fish Aquarium Make sure that the aquarium is big, clean and well oxygenated. Keep the fish healthy, happy and well fed. You can also place a water fountain in SE of living room.

More on water fountain Water Fountain Feng Shui Make sure that the water flows in an infinite loop and the fountain is well lit. The water must flow towards your home and not outwards. In living room, you must place a feng shui golden ship of wealth. Optionally, you can add wealth symbols like gold coins, ingots, gems etc.

Make sure that the ship sails into your home. Place 9 three legged money toads under chairs or sofas in the living room. Hang images of fresh fruits and mouthwatering dishes in dining area; it brings abundance and increases appetite.

Place a feng shui wealth pot filled with ingots, gems, fake diamonds and other wealth symbols in dining area. After applying the remedies mentioned below you should energize the outer part of the remedied area via favorable feng shui colors and elements.

Favorable colors for SE are shades of green and element is wood. If — in case — your home has any of these in SE, then you can apply the remedies mentioned below. Place an image of a glowing candle, bright lights or anything that symbolizes fire.

You can — and must — keep a wealth vase in the closet of the bedroom.

The Chakras and the seven rays of light

In case you decide to hang an image of a ship then make sure that there are no weapons depicted in the image.FENG SHUI FORECAST & HOROSCOPE Prediction & outlook of your Health, Wealth, Love and Career luck in the year of DOG Chinese Astrology for the Year of the DOG.

Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. On the Feng Shui Bagua Map, Fire is the element of your Fame & Reputation.

The bright and lively Fire element is key to your social life, the way you are seen in the world, and your ability to connect meaningfully with the important people in your life.

As per feng shui, metal destroys wood and hence all the benefits of SE wood element are lost, hence you need to balance the SE of your home you can use appropriate colors, items or symbols to achieve that.. if confused, you can get help of a local feng shui consultant.

Fish tanks and aquariums are quite amazing.

feng shui fire element business plan

If you’re into feng shui, you probably know that placing a fish tank somewhere in your home gives you wealth or money srmvision.com this article, I have compiled some of the most popular feng shui tips on using fish tanks and aquariums, as you will see later.

The five element theory is the heart of feng shui. And also the basics for different cures for feng shui afflictions. The chi energy of every direction is ruled by one of the five elements- .

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