First amendment essay contest

However, in the last few months white supremacists, Nazis, and other hate groups have severely abused this right by exercising hate speech against various ethnicities and holding violent rallies The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, peaceful assembly, and speech, but it does not condone hate speech because it contradicts the values of the Constitution, takes away the freedom of those discriminated against, and sets a despicable example for future generations.

First amendment essay contest

Students in grades 6 through 11 at the date of submitting their entry are invited to participate. Students submit an essay or create a work of art that best addresses the following assignment: Using a personal example or experience, describe or portray how one or more of the five freedoms in the First Amendment personally affects your daily life.

All entries must be postmarked by September 29, The essay must be solely the work of the entrant. The essay must be typed in point font minimum and double-spaced on 8.

The essay must be written in the English language.

First amendment essay contest

The essay must not exceed two pages. Entrants must complete an entry form and staple it to the front of their essay. The entry form must include the following information: Video submissions must not exceed two minutes. Art submissions may be in one or more of the following media: Photographs may be color or black and white.

It is recommended that illustrations and photographs be mounted on poster board. Video submissions should be in DVD format or shared via Dropbox with sseweryn adl.

Entrants must complete an entry form and securely clip it to the front of their artwork. Entry forms are removed during the judging process to ensure that judging is based solely on the merit of the essay or artwork.

Winners will be selected from each category: Students will be entered into one of two current grade groups: The decision of the judges is final.

For the essay, pick one of the freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment (speech, press, religion, assembly, or government petition) and write about its importance to our way of life. Students are encouraged to do factual research on the topic, but to write creatively and personally, rather than write a . The theme for the essay was, The Second Amendment to the Constitution: Why it is important to our nation. The contest was open to all students enrolled in an elementary, junior high, or high school during the academic year who had not previously received a prize. Holocaust essay contest 4 stars based on 99 reviews First amendment paper First amendment paper. Literature review on gender equality ideas to increase sales in retail yoga studio business model case study of transportation problem in operations research.

Once the judging has been completed, entry forms will be reattached to winning essays and artwork and winners and their teachers, if applicable, will be notified.

Contest winners may be asked to present their work at the Freedom Award Dinner. Winners and their parents or legal guardians must sign the Permission and Release Form in order to receive their prizes.

The Permission and Release form states that you grant permission for ADL to 1 publish and edit the essay or artwork; 2 use the essay or artwork for advertising and promotional purposes without further compensation; and 3 photograph, videotape, or record an interview with the student about the contest and their essay or artwork.

Essays and artwork will not be returned. All entries will become the sole property of the Anti-Defamation League. Art submissions may be featured at local art festivals.

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Questions about the contest or guidelines? Call or e-mail Chicago adl.Our First Amendment Freedoms Art & Essay Contest Scholarship - Maximum Amount: $5, - Application Deadline: September 28, - For over years, the First Amendment has been the cornerstone of freedom in the United States.

Commonly referred to as the “five freedoms,” the First Amendment has helped people in the U.S. . Apr 30,  · For me, the First Amendment gives life to the entire U.S. Constitution. — Jackie Kinney of Davis is the winner of the adult division of the Davis Constitution Day essay contest.


Constitution Day - First Amendment Essay Contest, cash prizes to top 3 winners Please encourage your students to submit an essay for Constitution Day The Constitution Day Essay Contest is open to all UK undergraduate students.

Religious Liberty Essay Scholarship Contest Student Registration Form Entries must be postmarked by March 9, and in response to this year’s topic about public school calendars and religious holidays.

The following essay earned first place and was written by Elizabeth de Wetter, who received $ for her piece.

Freedom of speech — The first and greatest amendment Though all of the amendments in the Bill of Rights play an important role in our society, I value the First Amendment most highly.

- The First Amendment of the United States gives citizens the five main rights to freedom. Freedom of speech is one of the rights. If people did not have the freedom of speech there would be no way of expressing one’s self and no way to show individuality between beliefs.

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