Multicultural intercultural essay

Free Essays — admin 9: While the link between language and educational advantage has been well-established, the efficacy of the various strategies designed to address this issue have been the subject of much debate. Dialects used by West Indian and African American students were traditionally classified as inferior forms of English and thus viewed as a problem rather than an asset or resource in the classroom, which resulted in an unfortunate history of biased educational processes that tended to discriminate against the use of such non-standard English by ethnic minority children. There has since been an evolution in educational ideology in which many linguists and educators have come to view language diversity as a resource that can be particularly beneficial in the relatively new area of multicultural education.

Multicultural intercultural essay

Multiculturalism brings together a diverse set of cultures and ethnic backgrounds in the work environment. Whether people are from various socio-ethnic backgrounds or different countries, employers should seek a diverse business culture because it offers many advantages.

As a Multicultural intercultural essay owner, consider how you can incorporate more diversity and multiculturalism into your recruiting efforts and management style.

Encourages Creativity Different cultures have different ways of approaching problems. When you have a group of diverse cultural backgrounds, everyone is looking at situations through a different lens, a unique perspective.

The wealth of viewpoints brings in a wide array of ideas that benefit any team. Encouraging employees to provide input or feedback during meetings empowers them to be part of the process and develops an engaged workforce. Builds Respect Among Employees People often say things or do things that are disrespectful of others out of old-school beliefs and ignorance.

When employers hold diversity training and teach team members about diversity, positive things can result. Role-playing puts workers in one another's' shoes to provide perspective. Potluck lunches use the love of food to engage employees in a dialogue about family or cultural history. These small things lead to increased conversations.

The resulting communication leads to respect among employees who have a better understanding of appropriate interactions and an appreciation of their co-workers and the viewpoints they bring to the team. Improves Customer Service Your customers come from all walks of life regardless of how you target your company's marketing efforts.

Multicultural intercultural essay

Having a multicultural workforce shows a different face to the public. Customers have a chance to speak with someone who knows their native tongue or understands certain customs.

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Whether it is language or understanding specific holidays, a multicultural workforce engages even a small business in a global marketplace. Enhances Work Environment Embracing multicultural concepts at work helps people feel appreciated for who they are and the unique skills they offer.

Many of those skills might have nothing to do with cultural background, but the fact that diversity is embraced lets employees know they are valued. Valued employees tend to be happier, and happier employees tend to be more productive. A diverse corporate culture has a direct impact on getting things done well and is a huge advantage for business owners.

Tip Maintain clear diversity policies and explain acceptable behavior. Set protocol for dealing with problems.Welcome!

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The Division of Equity, Diversity and Global Outreach offers a variety of trainings available to the campus community to promote discussion and understanding of our diverse campus community, and.

The Challenges of Counseling in a Multicultural Society Essay. B. Pages Words This is just a sample.

Multicultural intercultural essay

We will write a custom essay sample on The Challenges of Counseling in a Multicultural Society specifically for you Kareem and Littlewood () have endeavored to create a model for Intercultural Therapy, and have generated. Keywords: multicultural education, intercultural communication With the shifting cultural texture and demographics of the United States (Banks, b; Irvine, ), redefining multicultural education has become imperative.

According to the data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), between and. A multicultural workplace is a job perk, which helps with recruiting new employees for the London office. But it also reflects a growing awareness that the world is a much smaller place than previously thought and business happens across countries and cultures.

The Multicultural Effectiveness of Narrative Therapy Essay Sample. Abstract One of the most difficult situations that face counselors and their clients is the daunting task of listening with understanding while removing bias from the counselors thought process. In this sense both educational approaches – multicultural education, and intercultural stress the need to achieve this goal, where they practically diverge is in how to reach the final object: an inclusive society underline by a concept of integral education that is inspired by democratic values and is committed to the concept of human dignity.

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