Private school and public school

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Private school and public school

But deciding what's right for your child entails shedding light on the subtle distinctions many parents ignore. Print article Private versus public!

Private School vs. Public School Breakdown – Niche Blog

How can you compare private and public schools when they seem so disparate? Many people have a bias one way or another. Some assume that private schools offer superior everything, justifying their tuition costs. Others contend that public schools provide more real-life experiences or, in some cases, more-developed specialty programs in athletics or science.

The bottom line The most obvious discrepancy between public and private schools comes down to cold, hard cash. The good news for parents is that public schools cannot charge tuition.

The bad news is that public schools are complicated, often underfunded operations influenced by political winds and shortfalls. Financed through federal, state, and local taxes, public schools are part of a larger school system, which functions as a part of the government and must follow the rules and regulations set by politicians.

Advertisement In contrast, private schools must generate their own funding, which typically comes from a variety of sources: If the school is associated with a religious group, the local branch may provide an important source of funding as well.

For parents this quickly translates into the bad news: Average tuition for nonmember schools is substantially less: Parochial schools are even more affordable.

The potential benefits of private schools accrue from their independence. Private schools do not receive tax revenues, so they do not have to follow the same sorts of regulations and bureaucratic processes that govern and sometimes hinder public schools. This allows many private schools to be highly specialized, offering differentiated learning, advanced curriculum, or programs geared toward specific religious beliefs.

There are exceptions to such generalizations — charter and magnet schools are increasingly common public schools that often have a special educational focus or theme. The admissions game Another obvious distinction between public and private schools results from their respective admissions procedures.

By law, public schools must accept all children. In many cases, enrolling your child involves little more than filling out a few forms and providing proof of your address to the local school district office.

In practice, however, getting your child into the public school of his or her choice can be much more complicated.Many public school facilities are impressive; others are same is true of private schools.

Private school facilities reflect the success of the school's development team and that of the school to continue to generate financial support from .

Private school and public school

Personally, I was struck by the degree of student buy-in at SLOCA—which serves just 32 high-school students—compared to a typical public school nearby.

Private schools still need to cover the same curriculum standards as public schools, and want to offer a wide variety of courses, which can mean an extra hour or so on top of the school day.

Salaries and jobs for educators.

Private school and public school

If you're choosing between private school and public school, be sure to attend one of the Our Kids Private School Expos in the Fall. Parents and students agree spending just one afternoon at the Expo saved them time and energy in their search and gave them the information they needed to make the right school choice.

Private School vs. Public School Breakdown – Niche Blog

In fact, some public schools, like charter schools, offer the perks of private schools (flexible curriculum, regulation exemption) without the cost of tuition. Similarly, magnet schools are public schools that have high academic standards and competitive admission like private schools.

A "public school dad" recently published a "plea to private school parents" on that efforts like mine to "get the best education possible in .

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