Promotion for chanel no 5

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Promotion for chanel no 5

In its 93 years of existence, Chanel has become a high recognizable brand and No. Known as one of the most perfume in the world, Chanel No. Indeed, it was the first fragrance with a refined packaging and the first fragrance using a woman muse as promotion.

Promotion for chanel no 5

Two years ago, it was also the first feminine fragrance promoting a male muse Brad Pitt in its ads, which will be developed in a further part. But when speaking about the perfume Chanel No. In order to promote the values of the perfume and evocate ideas related to glamour, beauty and luxury, the company used different advertising campaigns.

From its creation untiladvertisements were simple in black and white where only the bottle was highlighted. The best advertising made for Chanel No.

Without being involved in this speech, the brand benefited from a huge help to develop its image and attract customers. If Chanel used both advertising displays and TV spots to seduce the consumer, the emotional codes and the communication goals on the famous perfume have changed through time.

First, advertising budget was limited and few adverts appeared in this time. In the first ads, Chanel No. A major change in advertising will appear when inJacques Helleu entered at the head of Communication department for Chanel.

Indeed, Mr Helleu understood the need to go further in the dream dimension and wanted to reveal the seduction power offered by the product Chanel No. Thereafter, the French house will appeal to world famous actresses: This first spot made in a black background with the French actress confessing to the audience using Chanel No.

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The emotions communicated are much stronger and create a unique feeling between the customer and the product. But more than recruiting elegant stars to promote the perfume, the collaboration with famous photographer and movie director, strengthen the high quality image of the brand and offers exceptional ideas and creation for advertising.

Carole Bouquet, muse during 10 years for Chanel No. This commercial starring Estella Warren, an ex-professional swimmer, has known a huge success among the audience.

But why such enthusiasm? First, this commercial is in disruption with the previous campaigns. The objective of this campaign was to target younger consumer by re-defining the values of the perfume. As you probably noticed, this commercial is far different from the elitist and independent image created around the previous elegant muses.

In this ad, Nicole Kidman appears as an elegant woman, famous and successful. The notion of dream is really present as well as the symbol of love.

Finally, after Audrey Tautou TV spot where she played a romantic and olfactory intrigue on board of the Orient Express, Brad Pitt has been selected as the next muse for the perfume.

Promotion for chanel no 5

This choice can seem to be original and unusual for a luxury woman perfume brand, but could be a good innovative strategy as Chanel always did since the launch of its famous perfume. Indeed, using a man as Brad Pitt allows the brand to play on a double side: To sum-up, the advertisement around Chanel No.

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The participation of big names from photography and cinema sector to develop the advertisements have improved the visual effects side and high quality design of commercials relying on the notion of dreams and esthetic. However, sales of Chanel No. This assessment can be observed also in mature market as Japan or US and reveal the difficulties for the company to maintain the product on its top in a high competitive market.

Finally, and to prove how big the perfume Chanel No.The legendary Chanel No 5, which was created by Ernest Beaux in for Coco Chanel, was originally launched in three concentrations: Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne.

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