Risikomanagement master thesis download

The MBA was a turning point for me. The compact business administration course of studies, which includes all of the necessary components of management, was a solid foundation for the path to higher management.

Risikomanagement master thesis download

The "Economy and Management" distance learning Master's degree held in German Knowledge for an integrative business strategy Increasing internationalization and ever greater customer expectations are shaping the conditions in which companies and organizations compete.

Only an integrative business strategy, which succeeds to overcome the tradtional cost-reducing programs with a multidimensional approach, can secure competitiveness in the long run. Target group The four-term, accredited "Economy and Management" distance learning Master's degree is aimed at university graduates with the exception of graduates in business management with at least one year of relevant professional experience.

This course is ideal for specialists and managers and people employed in the fields of administration, as well as graduates aspiring to work in this area — particularly when their first degree did not focus on business studies.

There is also the possibility for undergraduates to take a part in this programm. The course is held entirely in German.

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Objective The distance learning degree, which DISC has been offering sinceaims to provide specialists and managers with a comprehensive knowledge base.

The course concludes with the academic grade "Master of Arts" MA. Schedule and organization The standard course duration for part-time, vocational study, including examination time, is four terms. It is also possible to take a break during the course and then return to complete it.

The lectures, exercises and seminars of the "Economy and Management" distance learning degree course are provided in the form of written study material especially developed for distance learning.

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A weekly commitment of around 20 hours is required to process the material. Additional information about the application process can be found here. On campus events Two compulsory on campus events take place on a weekend in each of the first three terms. All of these events are held on a weekend and all participants working towards the "Economy and Management" distance learning degree are obliged to attend.

The goal of the on campus event is to reinforce the course contents within the scope of group work and workshops, discuss questions on the study material and debate the practical implementation of the program content.

Written examinations also form part of the on campus events. A further on campus event Kick-Offtakes place at the start of the course. In certain circumstances and based on a written application, students who are unable to attend the on campus events due to overseas work commitments have the option of taking the written examinations at a Goethe Institute or a German embassy.

Program content The "Economy and Management" distance learning Master's degree encompasses nine study modules in the first phase. Among other topics, these modules cover basic principles of business studies and legislation, project management, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, change management, management tools, etc.

Modules The degree course includes the following modules:The Master Thesis PowerPoint Template is a research defense presentation.

risikomanagement master thesis download

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risikomanagement master thesis download

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