The breaking point of the human spirit

This is a very good thread and it is important to consider the psychology of demoralization. Some food for thought which may be familar to most of you from George Orwell:

The breaking point of the human spirit

What does the Bible say about brokenness? In this world, broken things are despised and thrown out. Anything we no longer need, we throw away. Damaged goods are rejected, and that includes people. In marriage, when relationships break down, the tendency is to walk away and find someone new rather than work at reconciliation.

The world is full of people with broken hearts, broken spirits and broken relationships. There is something about reaching a breaking point that causes us to seek the Lord more sincerely. There are some things in our lives that need to be broken: When we feel our brokenness, God compensates: The Bible says that God breaks those who are proud and rebellious.

The mighty Pharaoh set himself against God, but God broke him and freed His people from bondage and shame. God punishes all those who proudly resist Him. To us, broken things are despised as worthless, but God can take what has been broken and remake it into something better, something that He can use for His glory.

Broken things and broken people are the result of sin. Yet God sent his Son, who was without sin, to be broken so that we might be healed.

The breaking point of the human spirit

His death has made it possible for broken, sinful humanity to be reconciled to God and be healed. Without the broken body of Jesus, we could not be made whole. Only when we surrender to Christ can we be restored and transformed. Such surrender requires a brokenness on our part Luke 9: Claim the promise that cannot be broken: Jesus viewed all things in the light of eternity, and so should we: God draws us, He calls to us.

He longs for us to come to Him so He can heal us. Sometimes we must be broken before we realize our need. And our deepest need is to be reconciled to God. Only then can we be made whole Matthew 5: The solution can never come from our own efforts or striving, but comes only from Him.

Only when we recognize our need for God are we able to take our eyes off ourselves and focus them on God and Jesus Christ.

The breaking point of the human spirit

Only when we stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about what Jesus did for us can we begin to heal. Only when we admit our need and ask God into our life, can God begin to make us whole.

Only when we confess that we are broken can God make us into what He wants us to be.In human psychology, the breaking point is a moment of stress in which a person breaks down or a situation becomes critical.

The breaking point of the human spirit

[1] The intensity of environmental stress necessary to bring this about varies from individual to individual. Jul 17,  · Do you realize that we have hit 30 banks in 3 years and they haven't been able to touch us?

And all this does, is up the. Human spirit is the ability to face the uncertainty of the future with curiosity and optimism. It is the belief that problems can be solved, differences resolved. It is a type of .

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Log Out Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: His main point? "If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and. Sep 13,  · BreakPoint: Human Sexuality and the Spirit of the Age - Break Point. To "break someone's spirit" is to destroy their self-esteem, to take away their joy in life, their belief and joy in who they are, to take away their dreams and the life they had hoped for, and to have them emotionally beaten down to the point where they go from being who they were to someone who has lost all hopes and dreams of the person they had once been.

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