Unit 9 p4 criteria

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Unit 9 p4 criteria

Interconnection devices P4 Interconnection devices Interconnection devices are mainly required in a modern network, from the interface that allows a single computer to communicate with other computers. There are some examples of interconnection devices such as router, switch, wireless access points.

Router A router act as a gateway between two the networks. A router also has two main purposes. A router first, it makes sure that the data is directed to the correct destination, such as an email being sent to the correct Internet provider and recipient.

Second, the router prevents data from going where it is not permitted, such as a large file being distributed to all machines on a network and crippling network performance. A routed protocol can be routed by a router. An IP protocol can be forwarded from one router to another.

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A router protocol first shares the data with amongst immediate neighbors and then it would share the data throughout the network, in this way the router gains the knowledge of the topology of the network. A switch routes the data at the data link layer which is the layer 2 of the OSI model, but some of them in layers 3.

Switch receives a message from any of the devices which is connected to it and then it transmits it only to the devices which the message is meant to. If the switch cannot find the MAC address, then the switch will then add the address of the port number via to the table.

Unit 9 p4 criteria

Features and functions of switch Future Growth Switches comes in different sizes, features and function, choosing a switch to match a particular network sometimes constitute a daunting task.

Wireless access point Wireless access point is a device that allows wireless devices to be connected to a wired networking using WiFi or related standard.

This worksheet is to guide learners to understand the role of advertising agencies and the media through the assessment criteria. Learners will explain the reasons behind the choice of media in a successful promotional campaign. The worksheet has b. The Best Solution Criteria given (P4) In advising of your best solution (the addition of 5 employees to the network); the choice of components should be briefly explained but may not make reference to all of the user requirements. (P8) You need to perform routine maintenance tasks on the training computer system.

In a building if there are devices which uses network, then the device can use the internet wireless without any cables connections. Wireless access point transmits the signal which allows the client to connect to the access point and to the route traffic between the wireless and wired interface.

Features and functions of Wireless access points Access points are bridges between the wireless world and the wired world. As bridges, then, all access points have features that one would expect to see on a network bridge. All access points provide a similar set of features to network users because the standard feature set is specified by Configuration of these features, of course, is vendor specific, but the products are fairly similar to each other.Unit 9 Values and Planning P4 P5 M3 Health and Social Care Level 3 Extended Diploma This assignment has achieved merit overall.

The criteria includes: P4: Explain how to incorporate ethical principles into the provision of support for individuals. Dear Year 12 L2 We will start off in the shallow end discussing the theory for P1 How many JOB ROLES can you think of that operate in the different business activities of the ONLINE business world?

RESEARCH examples of the different TYPES of ORGANISATIONS that operate in this sector.

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Whole class DISCUSSION about the different examples identified drawing on ANY similarities observed. Btec Business Level 3 national diploma unit 9 p4, P5 The Budget The budget for this campaign is £1 million this is similar to the budget to the iPhone so its an equal playing field and it all comes down to the specs.

Unit 9 Product development A// Guided learning hours: 60 P4: Develop the product in line with the agreed design solution. P5: Conduct product testing. M3: Analyse the results of testing and We’ve identified those opportunities in the grading criteria . This unit is an optional unit in the Extended Certificate and all of the specialist pathways in the Diploma suite, as the Internet of Everything is everywhere.

Grading Criteria: Unit 9 Task 1 (P4) Describe the values that underpin social care practice. The care values are set of rules and guidelines that every care practitioner has .

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