Writing a lessons learned reporting

George currently co-teaches in a self contained classroom with partner, Sarah Evans. Sarah Evans is a National Board Certified third grade teacher and mentor with over 20 years of classroom teaching experience.

Writing a lessons learned reporting

What is systematic instruction? A blueprint is carefully thought out and designed before building materials are gathered and construction begins. The plan for systematic instruction is carefully thought out, strategic, and designed before activities and lessons are developed.

writing a lessons learned reporting

Systematic instruction is clearly linked within, as well as across the five major areas of reading instruction phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. For systematic instruction, lessons build on previously taught information, from simple to complex, with clear, concise student objectives that are driven by ongoing assessment.

Students are provided appropriate practice opportunities which directly reflect instruction. What is direct instruction?

Direct instruction is an instructional approach that utilizes explicit and structured teaching routines. A teacher using direct instruction models, explains, and guides the students through extended practice of a skill or concept until mastery is achieved.

The lessons are fast paced, students are academically engaged, and teachers are enthusiastically delivering instruction. Direct instruction is appropriate instruction for all learners, all five components of reading, and in all settings whole group, small group, and one-on-one.

The primary purpose of scripted lessons is to provide effective explanations of new concepts, to offer appropriate examples of the skill or concept that is being taught, to provide practice activities that directly reinforce instruction, to provide models for appropriate scaffolding and error correction, and to help with pacing.

While it is true that scripted lessons may be particularly beneficial to less experienced or less knowledgeable teachers, they may also be used effectively by experienced teachers to help them sharpen and focus their instructional language and procedures.

writing a lessons learned reporting

Why is it important to have a 90 minute reading block? Implementation of a 90 minute reading block must be combined with good teaching methods with special attention to what a student already knows, timely and specific feedback, and the active participation of the teacher in order to have a significant impact on achievement Quartarola, It is important to remember that students vary on the amount of time needed to learn a new skill, the intensity of instruction, and amount of practice opportunities provided within the reading block.

All of these aspects of reading instruction are important to student achievement Gettinger, Research suggests that before simply adding more time, schools should instead, make better use of maximize existing time Quartarola, ; Hossler et al. Because increased engaged time on task produces, at best moderate increases in achievement, schools must at the very least find ways to Aronson et al.

The appropriate amount of time allocated to reading instruction in grades K-3 will vary with the needs of the majority of students. Schools that serve a high proportion of students at risk for reading difficulties students from poverty, students with restricted language experience, etc.

If substantial numbers of students in the early elementary grades are not able to meet grade level expectations in basic reading skills and significant numbers cannot meet grade level expectations in reading comprehension by the end of third grade, both the amount and quality of instruction may need to be increased.

May students go to another class for intervention during the 90 minute block? In order to implement some programs correctly, students are grouped homogeneously and may need to move to another classroom for their core instruction. Students with an individual educational plan IEP that specifies special reading interventions may receive the most appropriate level of instruction either in the regular classroom or by the ESE teacher in the special education classroom.

How do we prioritize what to teach when the Core Reading Program offers so much?What is systematic instruction? What is direct instruction?

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