Writing a resume using microsoft word 2010

With so much of the application process taking place online these days, job seekers are finding themselves needing more than just a Word version of their resume.

Writing a resume using microsoft word 2010

writing a resume using microsoft word 2010

In this resume template, instead of using tables, you use margins, tabs, and indention to format your resume. Lines under the main section headings are recommended.

The outline format is often easier to customize and edit and can be converted to a text-only resume fairly easily. You might also want to check your AutoCorrection or AutoFormat settings.

I created these templates from scratch using a minimal set of Styles in Microsoft Word. You shouldn't sift through sample resumes to try to find the best looking resume template and then try to make your details, skills, and qualifications fit a specific format.

When choosing a resume template: Avoid unique formats and styles. You should generally avoid anything that will make the employer think that you used a template.

Our resume templates are designed using a general style to help avoid this problem.

How To Make A Resume On Microsoft Word? | Resume Writing Lab

Beware of hidden file property information. If you submit your file electronically, file property information may be searchable in a database. The two resume templates above don't contain any hidden file property information.

writing a resume using microsoft word 2010

We will just trust that after you delete the note at the top of the template, you will still abide by the terms of use. Be aware of scannability. Many templates use italics and underlining, both of which can cause problems when a template is scanned and OCR'd.

The safest advice might be to only use a resume template to get an idea of how to create your own from scratch.

How to Create a Resume Template with Microsoft Word

Regardless of what type of resume you choose chronological resumefunctional resumecurriculum vitaeetc. I have seen nice looking resumes that use both formats within the same file, but you have to be careful to remain consistent and clear.

The resume templates and the information on this page are for educational purposes only. Your situation is unique and we do not guarantee the applicability of this information to your specific situation.Microsoft Word is a powerful application in which you can design, author and edit professional documents.

In this course you will learn how to use styles, text layouts and images to create good looking documents, you will learn how to create professional reports with references and table of contents. Out of many ways to divide document into sections, you can simply make use of Word build-in horizontal line option to insert a divider.

For inserting horizontal line, place the insert cursor where you want to insert it and head over Home tab, from Paragraph group, click drop-down button and select Horizontal Line as shown below.

Microsoft Word Resume Template Word MS Word version is considered of the best versions of Word with better customization options.

It is very easy to make a great looking resume in Word and one can even use templates to help them. Jul 11,  · Download Office Administrative Template files (ADM, ADMX/ADML) and Office Customization Tool download from Official Microsoft Download Center.

Office It also allows you to suspend active downloads and resume downloads that have failed. Oct 19,  · Comments of Ms Word Resume Template Using Microsoft Word Resume Templates. Click here to cancel reply. Name Mail Website. Almost people who tend to seek a job understand that resume is the decisive factor to whether you can make it to the interview round or not.

Moreover, do not forget that resume and resume is two sides of the one which show your outstanding capability.

How to Create a Resume in Microsoft Word (with 3 Sample Resumes)